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Achieve ISO by going DIGITAL. 5 Microsoft secrets you need to know.

Achieving ISO certification is a mark of excellence that signals a commitment to quality, efficiency, and continuous improvement. Many Councils, Corporations and Government bodies are expecting it, have you been asked about it recently?

Pacer Solutions has been working with clients and their ISO consultants to provide an ecosystem that supports and embraces ISO while also making it efficient and time saving!

The 5 secrets you need to know:
  • Return on Investment – Stop wasting money and time on other apps, with a Microsoft licence you have most if not all of the tools you need.
  • Simplify & standardise – Optimise your operations, enhance productivity and adapt to evolve industry standards & best practices.
  • Integration – Create PDF’s, link into other system, bring all your data together.
  • Custom Apps & add-ins – Want your own App to get work done. Get your data working for you, create efficient & compliant processes.
  • Scale – Address your current needs & position yourself for future growth.

Return on Investment

Immediate return: Harnessing Microsoft’s suite of tools yields an impressive and immediate return on investment (ROI) for businesses. The seamless integration of applications like Microsoft 365, Power BI, and Power Automate enables organizations to enhance productivity, streamline workflows, and derive actionable insights from their data.

Super charge your business: The accessibility and collaboration features of Microsoft Teams foster efficient communication, reducing operational bottlenecks. Power Automate facilitates workflow automation, leading to time savings and increased operational efficiency. Power BI empowers businesses with robust data analytics, facilitating informed decision-making. Collectively, these tools create a dynamic environment where processes are optimized, collaboration is streamlined, and data becomes a strategic asset.

The rapid realization of these benefits underscores the tangible and swift ROI that organizations can achieve through the thoughtful implementation of Microsoft’s innovative solutions.

Level the playing field of even bypass your biggest competitor.

Simplify & standardise your operations.

Microsoft plays a pivotal role in simplifying and standardizing processes. With applications like SharePoint and Power Automate, organizations can streamline workflows, creating standardized procedures that enhance efficiency and reduce manual effort.

Organisation & control: SharePoint serves as a robust platform for document management and collaboration. Implementing ISO standards often involves meticulous documentation of processes, policies, and procedures. SharePoint allows teams to create, store, and manage documents in a secure and organized manner.

Version control, access permissions, and workflow automation features contribute to maintaining document integrity and traceability, essential elements for ISO compliance. Say goodbye to scattered files.

Automation: Power Automate allows for the automation of repetitive tasks, reducing errors and speeding up processes.

Self-Service: Go further and make SharePoint your HUB for company resources, training information or branding assets. Bring everything together in one organised central hub. No more constant questions looking for the same information, let staff self-service.


Strategic Move: Integrating other systems and data into the Microsoft environment is a strategic move that amplifies the capabilities of an organization’s digital ecosystem. Microsoft offers a range of tools and connectors designed to facilitate seamless integration with third-party applications and data sources. Whether it’s connecting with customer relationship management (CRM) systems, enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, or industry-specific software, the interoperability provided by Microsoft ensures a unified and interconnected data landscape.

Driving decisions: This integration not only enhances efficiency by eliminating manual data entry but also enables real-time insights and analytics by consolidating information from diverse sources. The result is a cohesive digital environment where disparate systems work in harmony, empowering organizations to make informed decisions, optimize processes, and derive maximum value from their technological investments.

Custom Apps & Add-ins

Tailored to your needs: Power Apps allows users to create custom applications for specific workflows. Whether it’s managing quality control checks, tracking corrective actions, or handling non-conformities, Power Apps enables the creation of tailored solutions that align with ISO requirements.

Mobile availability: Achieving ISO compliance requires a commitment to adherence at all levels of the organization. Power Apps provides the flexibility of mobile accessibility, allowing employees to engage with structured processes on the go. This proves especially beneficial for tasks like audits, inspections, and incident reporting, contributing to real-time compliance monitoring.

Automation: Go further and integrate Power Apps with Power Automate to automate workflows and trigger notifications based on predefined conditions. This automation reduces manual effort, ensures consistency in process execution, and facilitates timely responses to compliance-related events.


Keep Evolving: With a Microsoft license, organisations not only address their current needs but also position themselves for future growth and innovation. The adaptability of these tools allows businesses to evolve in response to changing market dynamics, ensuring they stay at the forefront of technological advancements.

Commitment to innovation: Microsoft’s commitment to innovation is evident in its continuous updates and enhancements across its suite of products. Regular feature releases and improvements enable businesses to stay ahead of the curve, leveraging cutting-edge technologies. For instance, the incorporation of artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities in tools like Power BI and Azure services empowers organizations to derive actionable insights and automate complex tasks.

Flexibility of licensing: The flexibility of Microsoft’s licensing models also caters to different business sizes and models, allowing organizations to choose the most suitable plans and services based on their current needs while providing the scalability to adapt to future demands. This ensures that businesses can align their technology investments with their growth trajectories and strategic objectives. 

It is time to take back control and ensure your business is free to breath and not strangled by a system that controls you.

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