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Rescue & Repair
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A big part of our services is our Rescue & Repair. We bring your business accounts up to date; ensure they are accurate, and you are safe.

This can involve a range of activities, including reconciling bank statements, organising financial records, and correcting errors. This can be for a few months or a few years. Regardless of length of time there is no time to waste.

Here are some scenarios where rescue work may be needed:


Incomplete or disorganised records

If a business has not kept accurate or complete financial records, a bookkeeper can help to organise and update the information, ensuring that all transactions are recorded correctly.

Errors or discrepancies

If there are errors or discrepancies in the financial records, a bookkeeper can help to identify and correct them, ensuring that the accounts are accurate and up to date. Avoiding ATO fines and penalties.

Compliance issues

If a business is not meeting its compliance obligtions, such as filing tax returns or keeping accurate payroll records, a bookkeeper can help to bring the accounts into compliance and avoid penalties.

Take that first brave step, today.

We understand the bravery it takes to reach out and say your books are in a mess. We also know the trouble that can ensue if you do not.


We are here to make everything better, not to judge. We are ready to dig into your books, your processes and your setup to ensure you are safe and ready to move forward.


Through our services and those of our trusted partners

Reach out, let’s have a free supportive chat