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Navigating the complexities of business is a universal challenge.

At Pacer, we believe that compromise is not an option.

We specialize in delivering comprehensive solutions in these pivotal areas of finance management and technology, enabling business owners to reconnect with their operations and steer their ventures to new heights of achievement.

Our approach is to equip your business with the essential tools and services needed to advance, while preserving the distinct qualities of your service, team, and clients.

Pacer’s financial services are designed to instil confidence and peace of mind in every business owner. We understand that your time is invaluable—best invested in networking and closing deals, not tangled in the minutiae of accounts and reconciliations.

As a proud Microsoft Partner, we are dedicated to unlocking the full potential of your Microsoft license. Our aim is to amplify your competitive advantage, guarantee compliance, and facilitate a seamless expansion of your business.

Ensure Scalability, Innovation & Governance


Technology should fit around the business; the alternative is painfull.

We will solve your business challenges with customised solutions that fit your goals and needs.

Systems and technology are the foundations of all companies. As the world keeps changing so does the technology available to SME’s. We are committed to bringing unique capabilities to businesses that ensures they can compete and win.

As Microsoft Partners, our commitment is to empower you to harness the full potential of your Microsoft license. Our goal is to elevate your competitive edge, ensure compliance, and streamline your scalability journey.

We deliver this promise through innovative digital solutions tailored to address your unique challenges, standardise operations, and liberate valuable time—enabling you to concentrate on driving growth and enhancing profitability. By using your Microsoft infrastructure we keep you secure, up to date and connected. Together, we set the pace for your business’s success & dynamic future.

Ensure Compliance, Clarity & Confidence

Finance Support

You deserve the best support. Your business is too important for anything else.

You deserve confidence and comfort.

If systems and technology are the foundations of a business, then finance management is the keystone that ensures stability and growth. It’s like the critical balancing element that supports the structure, allowing it to expand and adapt without losing integrity.

The right bookkeeper and accountant will plug you back into your business. They are your ally in managing your business finances, saving you time, money and stress. They will ensure you can track and protect your business.

We are ready to ensure you feel confidence and comfort. 

12 months from NOW you will be thankful you started TODAY.

Setting the pace for your success with digital solutions that deliver

Business Finance Support

Rescue & Repair

Power Platform