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A big part of our services is our Rescue & Revive. We bring your business accounts up to date, ensure they are accurate and you are safe.

This can involve a range of activities, including reconciling bank statements, organising financial records, and correcting errors. This can be for a few months or 5 years or more. Regardless of length of time there is no time to waste.

Here are some scenarios where rescue work may be needed:

Incomplete or disorganized records: If a business has not kept accurate or complete financial records, a bookkeeper can help to organize and update the information, ensuring that all transactions are recorded correctly.

Errors or discrepancies: If there are errors or discrepancies in the financial records, a bookkeeper can help to identify and correct them, ensuring that the accounts are accurate and up to date.

Compliance issues: If a business is not meeting its compliance obligations, such as filing tax returns or keeping accurate payroll records, a bookkeeper can help to bring the accounts into compliance and avoid potential penalties.


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